Fantastic & horse-friendly mud barrier.

Amazing, Revolutionary 
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  With the winter mud and rain the horse's natural oils are stretched beyond their limits.  This wet skin provides ideal conditions.




MABS SPRAY helps waterproof hair and skin during wet and muddy conditions.


- EASY TO USE - quick, one step, non-messy application.

- PROTECTS - acts as a barrier against wet mud

- GENTLE AND SAFE - gentle and painless for horse's skin, no bandages required.

Price: 15.95 per 500ml bottle
Or buy two bottles for 25.00
(includes P&P)

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"Fantastic!!  At last a barrier for mud and rain."
Mrs Senior, North Wales

"This is an excellent product. Thank you."  
A E Johnston, Inverness

"Excellent results seen from 1st application, very quick and easy to use, and gentle to the horse."
J Hope, Cumbria


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